My First Side-Hustle Saturday

At the start of the new year, my husband and I set out to be more intentional about the way we spent our time. We both talked about how we want to focus more on what we want and what brings us happiness, and to try less to please other people at the cost of that happiness. Thus, Side-Hustle Saturday was born.

Jon and I both have ambitions and passions outside of our usual 9 to 5s. His deals more with theatre/arts, and my passion, obviously, lies in photography. One Saturday a month, we will spend most of the that day accomplishing side-hustle goals. Meeting with clients, making business plans, investing in equipment, researching articles and books, you name it, it’s gonna happen.

This past Saturday was my first Side-Hustle Saturday and man, did it light my heart on fire. I met with a potential client that morning and set up a meeting with another. I then made some business to-dos and set up a five-year plan. To top the day off, I met with another aspiring photographer, a dear friend of mine named Erin, and we spent the afternoon working on manual camera settings and just capturing some stellar images. Since I am still so new to photography, I’ve felt hesitant to collaborate with anyone, but I another goal of mine is to not let those fears hold me back. It was so incredible just to talk to someone else, frankly and candidly, about photography. We compared settings, talked about editing, and just starting taking some pictures. We were fortunate enough to have another incredible friend, Mary Kate, model for us. I love photo sessions that are full of laughter and just totally laid back. untitled-8531untitled-8533untitled-8545untitled-8546untitled-8563

It was a phenomenal day and I learned so much. In just one day, I felt closer to my goals and dreams. The sense of joy and accomplishment that brings me I can’t quite articulate. I can’t wait to see what the next Side-Hustle Saturday brings.

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