Side-Hustle Saturday Pt. 2-Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Late Winter/early Spring is always a stressful time for me. Report cards, Parent-Teacher conferences, other misc. work stuff, it all just gets to be so overwhelming this time of year. With that being said, I’ve slacked a bit on Side-Hustle Saturday. February’s just didn’t happen. Ugh.

To propel myself into March’s Side-Hustle Saturday, I not only stepped out of my comfort zone, I strapped on a jetpack and launched myself out of it. I was a Wedding photographer.

The idea of photographing weddings has always intrigued and terrified me. I love looking at photos of people’s special days. There are so many incredible wedding photographers out there and their work is inspiring. Jon and I also had the privilege and joy of having an absolutely amazing wedding photographer when we got married, so I love the idea of getting to work with people in such an intimate and personal way. On the other hand, only having one, one opportunity to capture some of those once-in-a-lifetime moments is absolutely anxiety-inducing to me.

When I was approached by a family friend to shoot her wedding, a gauntlet of emotions flooded through me. After meeting with her and discussing what she wanted for the day, I decided to dive in. She was very relaxed, laid back, and was totally fine with my amateur/novice status.

The day has come and gone and it was a whirlwind. It was a small, beautiful, and incredibly intimate ceremony and reception. Close family and friends made up the guest list and the bride’s son and daughter stood with her as she married the man of her dreams. It felt so special to get to capture some of those moments. While I don’t know if wedding photography will ever be my main focus as a photographer, there is something indescribable about getting to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments for someone. untitled-0443untitled-0704untitled-1011



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